Rock n Roll Beds

Full width Rock n Roll Beds

We supply high quality full width rock n roll beds in a range of trims to suit your campervan. Our full width beds are supplied on untested frames and are built to the same high standard are our other Rock n Roll beds, but no test certificate is supplied.

Unlike some of our competitors, we have no hidden costs - the price we give you is the price you pay. No extra costs for things that should come as standard. Our beds are supplied with spreader plates, bolts and nuts for fitting your bed and 3-point inertia reel seat belts and stocks. 

We fabricate all of our frames in house, so modifications to the height and width of your frame are no problem. We can make beds to fit most sizes.

Our beds are made to the highest quality; using 3" Blue CHMR35 foam for the inside and outside back, shaped to fit your van and 6lb 4" RECON foam for the seat, angled to ensure a comfortable sit. 

We have a range of styles to suit every taste. See the gallery below for examples of our Sport, Luxury, Automotive and Fabric ranges. 


Beds are made bespoke, to order, but we always have pre-made beds in stock so call us today and get your conversion started.

Bed dimensions: width - 551/2", depth - 43", extended - 72"

  Simi-Leather                             £1075

Manufacturer's trim                  £999

Manufacturer's trim and vinyl   £970

Vinyl quilted                              £950

Cloth quilted                             £950

Vinyl                                         £899

Cloth                                        £899

Sport Range

Luxury Range

M1 tested rock n roll bed

The Highline - Increasingly popular, with bold headrests and matching inserts this bed will add a sporty look to any van. 


Cross Stitched - Our most popular luxury design. Striking diamond stitch design on the fabric of your choosing. In this case, dark grey simi-leather with a light grey stitch, inserts, filets and piping. 

Manufacturer's Trim

Cloth and Vinyl

M1 tested rock n roll bed, oem

Golf GTE - Genuine VW automotive fabric, this bed features VW Clip with VW Golf MK7 GTE tartan blue

M1 tested rock n roll bed

Vinyl and Tartan - A customer request: the customer supplied their own tartan which was trimmed, matched and paired with an Ash vinyl.